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NRA Instructor Shotgun Shooting Course
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  1. July 27-28, 2019
    NRA Instructor Shotgun Shooting Course Short Description: This 17-hour course teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, promoting and teaching NRA’s Basic Shotgun Shooting Course. Prerequisite: Possession of basic firearm safety and shooting skills is a perquisite for certification as an NRA instructor. Prior to the instructor training, candidates complete a pre-course questionnaire and demonstrate their firearm background in pre-course assessment exercises. Description: Course is presented in two parts: basic instructor training and discipline specific instructor training. Students demonstrate organizational and teaching skills via participation in practical exercises during the course, and complete an instructor certification examination. Students will receive the NRA Trainer’s Guide, NRA Shotgun Instructor Candidate packet, and NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting course student packet.
Step 1: NRA registration
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